For the first time we had a bus to get us around our visits today. KYOTO – home to historical temples and shrines. First stop, Kiyomizu Temple, constructed without nails, 15m high. The kids discovered that jumping from the temple meaning ‘to make a big decision’, came with a 85% survival rate!

At the Heianjingu Shrine, we saw several blessings of 3 year old children, for their first significant Japanese tradition. Then to finish the day, the Kinkakuji Temple, which blew us away with the beauty of both the gold covering and the setting of the temple. Ask your children when they get home about the difference between a temple and a shrine.

This is my chance to say how well your children are doing over our stay. They are acting with maturity, taking up challenges , learning lots of language and interacting positively with who-ever they are with. Of course they are enjoying the shopping and learning to budget and use a different currency. USJ was a blast as Juliet told you about in the last blog.

Tomorrow, sayonara preparation and of course the start of the sad farewells. Though all of us have many things to be thankful of back in New Zealand, we are making the most of every opportunity here in Japan.                       Jane Milne