Another busy and hot day just been.

We headed off to Osaka Jo this am, a little ride on the train and a good 20  minute walk in the heat. Kids did well.

An amazingly huge castle, with 8 stories of floors to walk up..lots of wobbly legs at the top. Fantastic views of Osaka in all directions from the top.

Back down, lunch at the bottom, under the trees, a bit more shopping , icecream and back to school.

This afternoon Japanese lessons, class with host students, included algebra maths for Ella, singing for Piri and Emma, swimming for Amber and Holly, and many more fun things.

The kids are all at clubs now, enjoying calligraphy, kendo, judo, badminton, art .

They are all still smiling, but starting to wilt a little in the heat.

A big sleep to night to recharge and ready for the highlight of their trip, USJ. planning already for the rides they are going to go on.

Money slowly deminishing, but lots and lots of shopping been done. It is exciting to see all their purchases each day.


Remember to check out the school website for loads more photos of each day…unfortunatelycan only publish one at a time on this blog site.


Oyasumi nasai

Olson Sensei