Ohayoo gozaimasu to you all.


after a very long day, and many hours on the plane, we finally landed in Japan about 5.35.

waiting in lines to get thru customs and then finally out to meet Sensei Horii, get on a bus, and head to school, we finally arrived at Shijonawate Gakuen about 8.30 pm Japanese time.

A number of very tired children, but also very excited at the same time.

They all did extremely well on the flight, a few little upset tummy’s but the kids coped very well.
I sent them to their host families about 9.00pm and I bet they all had a very good sleep. Thank goodness for change in time as they would have caught up a little bit of what they lost yesterday.

A big day at school planned, welcome ceremony soon, and the children will be doing their speeches. I am looking forward to seeing them do it. (And nervous about my own)

I will add some photos later, and more information, but wanted to let you know they are all safe and happy.