Hey All.  Another great day today with the kids finding out what a true school day is like in Japan although the lessons are a little less intensive than usual.  Started off with a japanese language lesson where their kids gave us a history lesson and other interesting things about Japan.  Then the boys and girls split up and the girls had a yukata wearing and boys did the Esasa and taught the Japanese boys the haka.  The girls came and visited us in the gym and as you can see form the photos, looked stunning.  After lunch we had an art class and then music class where the kids learnt a famous song called Hana (Flower) which they will sing at the Sayonara Night.  We then caught out Mrs Morris with a birthday cake and she was over the moon with having the kids sing her happy birthday and having a bit of Kiwi in her trip.  At 4pm the kids had clubs with some doing sports, music and martial arts which took them through to 6pm.  So here I am now ready to head home….time is really flying and this will be all over very soon.  Till next time i hope all of you are well, enjoying the last that winter will throw at us (hopefully) and its great to be coming back to daylight saving because there is no such thing here……Ja mata….Darren