Hello all…..your kids are amazing….they did an awesome job today at the Cultural performance (a couple of small hiccups but hey thats cool) They did themselves, their families, MIS and NZ proud……very cool to see the reaction from the Japanese students, which was fantastic.  They also really enjoyed an extra small trip we took them to after we had practiced our items, it was to the Hiyaku Yen shop (100 yen) and they went absolutely mad.  We worked out when we got back that we had bought, in total, 500 itmes!!!!! Thats close to spending $900 NZD…I have never seen anything like it before, the store workers were definitely rubbing their hands together when they saw the Red Shirt Army coming!!!  The best shoppers were Sophie and Eilish with about 46-47 items each!!!!  But hey they had a ball and thats what this trip is all about.  They are so responsive when listening to when the Japanese teachers talk about culture and history, so they are understanding the real significance of this place.  Today they will have a free morning with their students to go around what basically is a school gala and then we head off to Osaka Jo this afternoon which is an amazing place.  I will try and add a blog on todays events but that will depend on time and we have a day with our Host Families tomorrow…..till then Ja mata.